We will deploy the interactive business instead of conventional solution business model in order to globalization is expanding in various fields.

グローバルソリューション ビジネスディベロップメント ローカライズ・ブリッジサービス

Global Solution

From its establishment, IGOS has been building the network of professionals and native staff as we kept working on multi-lingual translation and creative production for global companies.
We are currently contracted with 60 outside staff so we can put together the best team for each project. Our wide range of staff list includes a marketer experienced at a foreign based advertising agency, a person with an experience at a major toiletry manufacturer, a creative director who used to work in a major agency, a staff who has experience working on promotion of a famous artist, etc. We listen to our client and understand their challenges, needs and the market to enter, and assign the best professional staff for each project.
As for communication/creative strategies, we don’t just consider the difference in languages, but also cultural, historical, commercial differences to develop strategies and execute them. Nowadays, we have more requests from our clients to develop globally acceptable design, and promotional activities leveraging SNS. We provide the solutions based on the latest domestic and international trends with the best staffing including native staff when necessary.

Localize Bridge Service

Localize/Bridge service makes products and services targeted for a specific country available in other countries.
Since beginning of our operation, we’ve been cooperating with companies grounded in China, Asia, and North America in multi-lingual translation and creative production for global companies. In 2011, ZERA IGOS Communications, a joint-venture company with a Chinese company, was established in Hong Kong as the front company for our operation in Asia. Now our operation in China zone is more enhanced than ever to provide the detailed end-to-end service from starting up in the area through after support.

We provide comprehensive support depending on our client’s request, from on-site inspection of the desired market, incorporation of enterprise, opening up of an office, staff recruitment, through launch of products/services.
Even after the launch, our fixed-point observation will enable us to fully understand the special needs and unique culture of the entered market, as well as the features of the products/services. Based on the understanding, we propose production of various creative materials and execution of events. Our aftercare service will keep going on until your PDCA is fully implemented.

Market Research/Marketing Strategy Development

We conduct market research, environmental analysis and target analysis for the targeted county to develop marketing strategies. We could also fly to the site for inspection on behalf of you if needed.
Channel Development Support

We support building relationship in each market via finding appropriate vendors, clients, channels, and making courtesy visits to related parties. In Asia, especially in China, relationship and networking make a big difference in business development to follow, so we will cautiously select the appropriate clients through consulting our on-site alliance partner.

We create original contracts with the vendors and clients as well as the other documents and plans needed for business in the targeted market, and provide translation of them. For meetings and negotiations, we can provide simultaneous interpreters and other native professional staffs.
On-site Office Establishment Support

Depending on your needs, we provide support for establishment of the on-site office and staff recruitment.
Various Creative Productions

Based on the strategy, we develop creative design depending on the needs and the desired expression in the targeted country. From one-stop, we produce company brochure, press release, advertisement, and website.
Planning and Executing Launch Events

At the timing of the launch of products and services, we help you with planning and execution of launch events and press conferences. We could also provide support for establishment and operation of event operational offices/call center for targeted country.

Business Development

IGOS will develop the service with clients, creators, and consumers. We could propose by utilizing network, know-how.

Principles of business development


Offer to cooperation or relationship


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