All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

  • 翻訳、カタログレイアウト

Responsible area

Translation/Layout for the catalogue

Understand the current situation and articulate the challenge

We were assigned for the English translation of”ANA’s Wings of Comfort”published annually, followed by the whole process of layout, proofreading, and delivery to the printer. Since this was to be checked by the client globally and read worldwide, it was necessary to have a native English copy from scratch rather than just translation for the catch copy and body copy.

Propose the approach and the direction o attack the challenge

A professional team of an experienced English native translator, Japanese native staff and a proofreader with thorough knowledge of English cross checked all the copywriting. By assigning a copywriter with English as his mother tongue yet having a strong Japanese proficiency, we thoroughly reflected our client’s requirement.

What IGOS delivered

We did the copywriting and website translation to reflect the important client values and spirit, “hospitality”, “modernity”, and “innovativeness”. Knowing this naturally has more volume in English than Japanese, we tried to find expressions and style that would allow us to keep the same layout as the Japanese version. Since they are renewed every year, we keep the same tone and manner in English via assigning the same staff and sharing the vocabularies.