Estée Lauder Inc.

  • カタログ翻訳

Responsible area

Translation of AVEDA’s brand site into English/Translation of the product catalogue/dictation translation

Understand the current situation and articulate the challenge

Translation of the catalogue, website, and DVD produced at head office in the US, into Japanese language was assigned to us.
Hair-care product catalogue for the salons especially had many special terms and brand unique proper nouns which didn’t have direct Japanese translation. We needed to find the suitable terms that the salon staff can understand.

Propose the approach and the direction attack the challenge

We first consulted the client to establish the common vocabulary for special terms and proper nouns to share with the whole staff. The vocabulary has been used through all catalogues and the website.
As for the dictation translation, we aimed to deliver more accurate translation via crosschecking by our native English speaker and our native Japanese staff.

What IGOS delivered

As the catalogues and websites are renewed seasonally, we have been continuously receiving orders for Japanese translation.