Berlitz Japan Ltd.

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Responsible area

Planning/Key visual development/Catch copy development/Website production/OOH ad. Planning & Production / Other Creative Productions

Understand the current situation and articulate the challenge

Their programs had been for kids and teens, but they decided to focus more on junior high and high school students. We were assigned to produce fliers, advertisement, and website for the summer vacation period.
It was also requested that the produced materials should have “global feeling”, in order to promote Berlitz as an academy to train global human resources rather than just an English conversation school.

Propose the approach and the direction attack the challenge

We decided to first propose the key visual and the copy that portray global feeling and young people’s potential without limits, then, produce the advertisement, flier, and website based on them.
Our target was Japanese junior high and high school students who aim to succeed globally in the future. Since our target was a select group of people, our project team with an American creative director proposed the “those-who-know-will-know” type of key visual and the copy in a global tone and manner.
As for the website, while maintaining the same key creative elements, the usability Japanese people require was considered upon development.

What IGOS delivered

First, we developed the copy and the key visual. The key copy “Be Someone.”(meaning a person who makes his dream come true.) had a deep meaning though the words are simple and understandable for junior high and high school students. The key visual was a silhouette of a young person against an infinite sky to communicate the potential without limits.
These were highly evaluated by our client, so we went on to produce all the creative materials based on them. As for the transit ad. and the website, “call to action” was an important factor. So, in featuring the key creative elements and the global feeling, we made clear communication to the audience that could lead them to action.