Fujifilm Corporation

  • 英文コピー制作、英文コンテンツ制作

Responsible area

English copywriting/English contents production

Understand the current situation and articulate the challenge

Imaging modality of Fujifilm was to be sold in overseas market, and they needed the catalogue and website for overseas medical institutes.
We were not to translate Japanese catalogue into English but to create the English version from scratch. We needed to do the copywriting and contents production from the beginning with our English native staff, based on what the client wants.

Propose the approach and the direction o attack the challenge

The process started first from understanding the techniques, equipment and systems our client had.
Since many special terms are to be used, we assigned the English native staff who used to work for a medical equipment manufacturer. The copywriter with proficiency in machine/equipment was also assigned to the team, and as one team, we compiled what we needed to communicate to the customers in the medical field.
We did the English copywriting for “FCR”, the digital radiography’s global site and the catalogue.

What IGOS delivered

Since our target customers were specialists, we kept the special terms as they are, and aimed to have clean and clear copywriting.
When the revised edition was to be published、our copywriting enhanced the strength of the new model and the difference versus the previous model.