Palladium Alliance International

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Responsible area

Marketing communication strategy planning/Office establishment/Staff recruiting support/Creative production/Event planning & execution/PR activities

Understand the current situation and articulate the challenge

Upon PAI, (Palladium Alliance International) an entity to promote Palladium Jewelry, entering Japanese Market after its grounded country of the USA and China, they asked us for our support. We needed to increase the low awareness of “Palladium Jewelry” by educating jewelry producers, whole sellers and retainers, as well as providing accurate information regarding Palladium Jewelry to the consumers.
Since PAI is not a corporation but an alliance, rather than to promote a product or a brand name, our main activity was education of features and advantages of a precious metal, “Palladium”. As for Communication materials and creative production, we needed to follow the strategies for the US and Asia Pacific.
Quite aware of the difference between the information needed for trade and the general consumer, we first focused on establishing a strategy for trade and for the consumers separately.

Propose the approach and the direction o attack the challenge

For trade, we prioritized establishment of the positioning for Palladium, and began by launching into Japan’s finest specialty stores and department stores. Brand advertising targeted for the channel was developed. As for the consumers, since the number of available products was limited for the first year, we focused on communicating accurate information through PR activities.

What IGOS delivered

In 2011, we conducted the marketing research to select a target group for the Japanese market, and provided the contact office function for the period before the official launch of the Japanese office. After selecting the target group, we developed the key visual and the tag line featuring “lightness”, the unique feature of Palladium. They were leveraged into the advertising and the official site which were produced later.
As the fixed-point observation, we provide the website’s access analysis every month, as well as SEO services and addition/revision of the contents. We also compile a report for the PR and advertising activities of the jewelry market in Japan.
In 2012, our slogan was “the first full year of Palladium”. We supported the establishment of the Japan office and staff recruitment for the full launch. Our support covered from placement of the reception desk, sign board, to production of the office materials including name cards, envelops, and letterhead. In March, we held a Japan office opening party and the press conference at CARATO21 in Daikanyama inviting the trade and the related parties. About 150 attendants were gathered, and the event contributed to the channel development. Now more than 100 stores carry Palladium Jewelry throughout Japan, and the channel is still expanding.