Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • POP制作

Responsible area

Local promotion of the product (production of the magazine ad. and in-store SP tools, etc.)/Planning, production and operation of cosponsoring activities for Honolulu Marathon (Events, Advertising)

Understand the current situation and articulate the challenge

Since 2006, Sato Pharmaceutical has been cosponsoring Honolulu Marathon using the name of “SATOHAP” () the product for US market. “SATOHAP”‘s awareness had been fairly established, and we were assigned to conduct more locally targeted promotion activities.
Americans are not used to using antiphlogistic analgetic for external use, a plaster. We made plans to leverage Honolulu Marathon to encourage consumers to start using it when enjoying sports that could also appeal to local drug stores.
The energy drink from Sato Pharmaceutical was also promoted for the time to enjoy sports.

Propose the approach and the direction o attack the challenge

We used magazine media to approach drugstores. With the understanding of the unique environment with many Japanese-Americans, we proposed the plan targeting to both Americans and Japanese consumers.

What IGOS delivered

Popular Hawaiian magazine with class, “HONOLULU MAGAZINE” and Japanese language magazine for Japanese and Japanese-Americans living in Hawaii, “Lighthouse”, were picked for our media. We visited the chairman of the Honolulu Marathon Association and compiled an advertorial.
In the “Lighthouse” for the Japanese-Americans, we co-advertised “Yunker”. To be used at the time of enjoying sports, SATOHAP was sold at the Marathon EXPO, and SATOHAP spray service was provided in the tent at the goal area. Also, SATOHAP spray station was operated by local voluntary staff within the aid station in the marathon course. The service was highly appreciated by the runners, and we are happy to have done effective promotional activities.